Apricot Necklace

Quartz & Chiastolite Necklace



An interesting combination of natural gemstones for this Necklace include faceted clear Quartz, apricot Moonstone and Carnelian and the unusual square Chiastolite beads with the black cross.  Nature creates some magical gemstones!  It has a lovely soft colour and is finished with a Toggle Clasp.  The set includes Sterling Silver hook Earrings!  A Bracelet is an optional extra.

The clear Quartz gives greater energy and clarity and the Chiastolite helps to make changes in order to devote greater awareness to life’s dharma in a gentle way.  The apricot Carnelian stimulates curiosity and protects from negative emotions.

Length:  63cm

Materials:  Clear Quartz, Chiastolite and Carnelian beads

Clasp:  Sterling Silver Toggle

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