Crescent Moon and Star Pendant

This antique design was given to me to re-produce and include the symbol for Jupiter in the middle of the star to reflect the client’s Sun sign.  A Pearl and 4 blue Topaz were set in the Moon lying on her back.  Pearls of wisdom assist in creating beauty in life and speaking from the heart.


This necklace features a radiant silver moon delicately connected to a shining star symbolising the harmony between celestial bodies.

At the heart of the pendant are four blue topaz gems surrounding a pearl, each representing a different facet of spirituality. The gems evoke a sense of calmness and tranquility. Topaz is renowned for its soothing properties, promoting inner peace and spiritual growth.

The moon embodies the cyclical nature of life and the ever-present influence of cosmic forces. Paired with the star, it signifies guidance and enlightenment on one’s spiritual journey.

Whether worn as a personal talisman or a thoughtful gift, this pendant embodies the beauty and depth of spiritual exploration.

Metal: Sterling Silver (925)

Gemstones: Blue Topaz and Pearl

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