I have been going to Julie Day since 2009, I found her to be on of the best and most accurate Astrologers I have been to. She has helped me make important and sound decisions with my life.

I am very please with her work and I find Julie to be compassionate and honest person.

Who ever see’s her will get along from her.


Regards Myriam

My special pendant and ring are unique and powerful and are always noticed by others. The combination of Silver, Symbols and Crystals create a beautiful piece of jewellery that draws the attention and complementary comments of many.

Wearing this jewellery activates and lifts ones vibration bringing balance and harmony as well as a sense or peace and well being. The symbols are extremely powerful and work in a subtle all be it dynamic way to assist in the ability, inner strength and will to bring about positive and beneficial change.

Julie has a beautiful gentle energy which immediately makes one feel safe comfortable and relaxed; she is extremely in tune to the energies and esoteric messages and vibrations being presented for each individual and is able to pass on many enlightening and up lifting words of wisdom in the process of creating this special individual and wondrous jewellery.

“I felt that Julie interpreted my wishes perfectly.”

Commissioning Julie Day to custom make my pendant gave me a sense that a special piece was in the hands of a true artist. I felt that Julie interpreted my wishes perfectly.

The finished piece feels so much a part of me that I draw strength, love and light from its beauty. When I wear my pendant it feels like a second skin. The feeling it gives me is one of peace.

Suzannah Tulloch-Facer

Years ago, after seeing Julie’s inspirational jewelry, I asked her to design me a pendant after examining my Natal Chart. She grasped who I am and where I need to go in life perfectly. She designed a piece of jewelry with inlaid gold I had given her depicting the major forces in my life. It has been very satisfying to have this  ‘personally designed’ piece of jewelry to wear all the time, reminding me of who I am and where I am going when people ask me about the interesting piece.

With my daughter’s 18th, I wanted something special that will be individual to her. I once again asked, and Julie with some of my gold delivered a beautiful piece of jewelry, depicting the strengths and forces in my daughter’s life. My daughter, not being a very ‘jewelry’ person, wears this pendant constantly, as she understands the meaning and strength of the piece through the written explanation Julie gives with her designs.

Julie grasps what your Natal Chart has to offer, looks at it and creates a design which is individual, showing you who you are, where you are going, and what you can achieve in life.

That is what makes her jewelry so special.

Annatjie Hunter