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Spiritual Pathway

This custom made medallion has a theme of balance and direction.  There is lots of energy here to be on that spiritual path and maintain a great interaction between the doing and receiving parts of our nature....
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18ct Signature Ring

This solid ring was made for a male client with a Virgo Sun and Capricorn rising.  The design was cut out and soldered onto a curved back plate that had been textured with stamping and then laid on a flat band.  The effect is quite stunning and the design interesting regularly attracting curious comments....
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North Node conjunct Pallas Athena

The North Node in Libra is stretching us to work on our consideration of others, to find beauty and harmony in our relationships, to exercise diplomacy in social interaction, to find middle ground.  What is the story of Pallas?  The Goddess of wisdom and justice in the sign of the scales one would think is...
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